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Welcome to my stained glass page
Dragonfly in the Sky
Pine Cones - Original Watercolor under glass
9 1/4" x 6 1/2"
4" x 4"
Made for a local restaurant as a gift for hosting a party
Made for my Brother as a gift
Saw at a craft fair and decided to make it for myself.
The stained glass and copper bike was made and exhibited at the Athens Cultural Center art show in 2013. The wheels are stained glass and the spokes are tined copper wire. The sprockets are glass with leaded teeth that fit the chain links. The frame, seat, springs and handlebars are made of copper wire and tubing. The entire project was made by hand from only glass, wire and tubing. (the clothespin was purchased)
Only $250.00
plus tax and shipping
Everybody needs a pocket watch! This one is BIG! Made of laminated glass, this watch has ten individual sprockets made of stained glass, with sprocket teeth made of lead solder. Each of the ten sprockets are placed and mesh with one another to create the most life like stained glass pocket watch imaginable. Includes a chain with a key on the winding bail. What a precious wall hanger!
Was $300.00
plus tax and shipping
Made for a friend as a gift.
Made for a family friend as a gift.
Coffee cups were made for a family friend to decorate the kitchen in their new house.
1.0 lb.
11.5" x 1" thick
6.0 lb
11"L x 6"H x3"W
1.5 lb
Serenity was a hit with everyone. Who wouldn't want to go to a place so peaceful and tranquil?
Terrific Pig went over great with people that remembered charlotte's web.
Summertime Tire Swing took everyone back to their childhood.
A sign I made for our Doctor as a gift...
A window I made for our foyer near the front door.
A door I made for my kitchen cupboard
I love birds, so I made my own on a limb with berries...
We have three Shelties...
A Salmon I made for my kitchen
Another gift...
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